Baby #3

Baby, Baby, Baby

Today we had a check up at the doctor’s.  I’m officially 17 weeks! Husband was able to get off work for this appointment, and it was amazing having him there with me. J wasn’t going to be allowed in the exam room, so I sent him off to play at Grandma’s. He would live there if he could, so he didn’t mind. Baby Cub had to come with us though…which turned out to be really cool.


First, I was weighed. Bleh, right? Well, not so much for me right now. I’m still losing weight, and I have been worried. It made me feel better for the nurse and doctor to know. That way the officials can tell me if there’s something to worry about. The really amazing nurse and I discussed what to do about my weight going forward, but basically, it’s just a waiting game. Anyway, I am officially down one pound from last visit which means I actually gained back a considerable amount.

Then we went back to the exam room where I was measured. I am coming in a little small (about one week), but the baby is still super low. I also have no doubt about the conception window, so I’m not terribly worried about their calculations.

17 weeks

Next, the nurse broke out the Doppler to try to find Little One’s heartbeat. Of course, the shy one was hiding very, very low so it was hard to hear over my heartbeat. So…BONUS! We got another ultrasound! Husband got to be in the room for this one and so did Cub! It was great. We saw the spine, ribs, knees, toes, butt, and even an arm. Our nurse (again amazing) did some pushing and squishing and got Little One to open his/her hand. We got to see a semi-wave.

Years back when we were finding out Cub’s gender, J was in the room and his exclamation of,”Thank you, Jesus! Thank you!” when he found out he was having a brother is something I hope I never forget. Today we had a similar moment with Cub. When he saw the wave, he goes, “Hi, Baby.”

I cried.

Anyway, we go back in two weeks to find out the sex for sure. The nurse gave us an 80 percent positive guess, but I don’t want to count on that. The baby was literally in fetal position and all we could see were knees and feet. But, I’m glad she got us thinking again.


We have settled happily on a boy name, but the girl list has proven to be more difficult. We talked on the way home and realized we liked but didn’t love any of the names on our list. So, we spent the day compiling a new one.We now have three possible girl names, and I am in love with one of them! So whichever way things go at our next appointment, I feel fairly confident that we will know what to call Little One. More than anything, I’m just looking forward to a gender-specific pronoun to use!

he or she

I’m still debating on whether or not to post the names here. I have had terrible luck with people stealing my names or being very discouraging. Plus, I use only initials or nicknames for the kiddos now, so it seems a little silly to put up name possibilities for the next Little Bit. We shall see!

One thought on “Baby, Baby, Baby

  1. Aww, “hi baby” is precious!! 😀 Happy 17 weeks and I can’t wait to hear what the gender is (if you share it here, of course).

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