Letting the Judging Commence.

Judge me if you must (don’t worry I do) but I read some really crappy books and watch some really crappy movies and shows. Not only do I read them, I read and re-read them. Well, or watch and re-watch as it may be. I call these my “comfort books.” Some of these are crummy, some are stunning. Regardless, I love them.

For example, every time a new Harry Potter movie came out, I re-read the entire series. Yes, all eight times. And even though I do not consider Harry Potter anywhere close to “crappy,” I definitely know they are part of my Comfort Stash.

harry potter

Here’s where the confession comes in-I did the same thing with the Twilight series.


While I could get all defensive and justify this craze, all I can say is that I hate the first 3 movies (the last 2 rocked), but the books are a different animal altogether. I love the relationship between the book Edward and the book Bella. I think the books are funny and moving. I think Meyer has insight into the broken heart of a teenage girl. In short, I love these books and read them about once a year.

My other guilty pleasure is Charmed by Nora Roberts.

This is the actual copy I have, but I'm not a Huge fan of Enchanted.

This is the actual copy I have, but I’m not a Huge fan of Enchanted.

While some people have mixed feelings about romance novels, I love this one. I’ve seriously read it four or five times.

Some of my less embarrassing book obsessions include:

giver til we have faces book thief

I re-read these regularly as well. About once a year…or once every 6 months.

I don’t know what it is that draws me to these books or why I find such comfort and joy in reading them time and again, but I do. Sometimes, it’s a wonder that I read any new books ever. I’ve had to commit myself to spacing out the comfort books lately (maybe it’s a pregnant thing). I’m going to read a comfort book and then one of my books on hand that I haven’t gotten to. Next up:


This habit is much less baffling to my husband than my comfort movie obsession. Though maybe it’s just less annoying since he doesn’t have to hear the same script over and over. The shows I watch over and over are:

buffy criminal minds friends numbers

And recently added


I do have an odd flaw though. I can only watch a series in order, and I have to start at season 1, episode 1 or I have no interest in seeing any of it.

My Comfort movies include:

a few good men a time to kill juno matilda rent.

Maybe I’m just crazy. Maybe it’s pregnancy induced. Maybe no one else on the planet does this, but as I set Breaking Dawn back in its place on my shelf, I can’t wait until I can lay my hands on another warm and familiar read.

I just hope The 5000 Year Leap is fascinating enough to fly by. I might not make it through the new book this time. I might just have to ride out this craving for the familiar just like I have to ride out my cravings for Lipton’s Cheddar and Broccoli noodles and Domino’s pepperoni pizza. I’d love to have them all the time, but we can’t really afford that!

Odd, random little post, but I feel better for having written it.

3 thoughts on “Letting the Judging Commence.

  1. I do the same thing with the Twilight books. The love story in the books I think is what makes them SO intense for me! Plus the suspense. Love them! And I’m the same way with drama tv series. I can’t watch it unless I can start season 1 episode 1! And, I wont start a new season until I can watch all of them without having to wait a week between episodes [with the exception of 3 – Vampire Diaries even though its a huge twilight knock off, the new season of 90210, and now Once Upon a Time. Those are my addictions at the moment).

    • Spoiled by Netflix too? Ha! I hate having to wait for Sons, Walking Dead and True Blood (on dvd), and then I get so excited I end up watching the whole season in like 3 days! It’s so bad. P.S. Good to know I’m not crazy. Or at least not alone.

      • I’m glad I’m not alone either! We don’t even have cable because I know I’ll just watch everything I want to see in its entirety on netflix minus the commercials, which has been awesome not having to deal with this holiday season!

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