So I Need 50 of These

When I went to Office Max the other day for printer ink (and to wander because I LOVE organization & office stores sell all kinds of ways to get organized), I found the coolest thing on clearance.

full view

This is a 2-inch, 3-ring binder with a built in file-folder and a pencil-pouch. It is amazing!

I have decided I need at least 50 of them.

I used the first one for our school stuff since it has been all over the place lately. I didn’t change any of the forms in the Lesson Plan Book, I just re-organized them into this amazing little book. I think the file folder has been the most helpful part. Now I have a place to put the blank Reading Logs and Planning Pages until I use them. I also keep the grade book, stickers, loose worksheets and new ideas I’m working on all right there!

Here’s why I need 50 of them. I use a 3-ring binder for my recipes. I try a recipe and if we like it, I add it to my book. But, I end up compiling a lot of recipes I want to try. I print them off the computer and get them in magazines, etc, and I end up with 100 tiny scraps of paper running around. Hello file-folder! Plus, I could really use one for our new Bill Binder.

Okay…so maybe I don’t need 50…but I bet I could fins a use for 50 if I had them.

In other news, I completely rearranged the dining room yesterday to make room for the new bookshelf that our awesome neighbors gave us!

First a reminder of what the dining room looked like when we bought the place.
Dining Room 1 Dining room 2 Dining room 3

And here’s what it looked like yesterday…
1 2

And now…

chess corner book shelf corner

I did all this to accommodate the bookshelf so we could organize the school stuff that was starting to take over our dining room floor.

bookshelfPretty freaking excited. What do you think?

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