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Sometimes My Life is Like a Movie…but Mostly it’s a Sitcom.

I have experienced a few, profound moments in life when I thought-Geez, this is where they get movie ideas from. They are beautiful, breath-taking moments that I try my hardest not to forget–like the day I first saw my husband.

I had just come out of a long-term relationship and knew that I needed help in deciding on my future partner. I wasn’t doing such a good job choosing on my own. So I prayed. A lot. For months. I prayed that I would be led to the right man, and that it would be immediately clear to me who he was. One night at a church meeting, I turned around…and that was it. Something about the cream Holister-inspired shirt against his slightly olive complexion caught my eye. The way he held himself, a scruffy beard, broad shoulders, and stunning eyes didn’t hurt either.

Okay, enough bragging.

More than anything, I just knew. I thought, “Oh. That was easy.” Months later, “Blaine” from Glee described my feelings perfectly. He says, “There is a moment when you say to yourself, Oh, there you are. I’ve been looking for you forever.”

oh there you are

I had that moment…and it still gives me chills to think about it. (That’s not to say I haven’t had moments of doubt. I have. But we pulled through.) The sense of certainty dragged me through our roughest times and most challenging tests.Complicated families, interfering exes, unplanned pregnancies, unemployment, health issues and more didn’t stand a chance against that knowledge. He is mine, and I am his and I was always supposed to be.

Anyway, two nights ago I had the opportunity to live out another movie-esque moment…well, sitcom-esque.

My lovely hubby has gotten into an interesting habit of late. While sitting at the table over his unfinished bowl he will say things like, “Go ahead and put that in the fridge for me so I can eat it later.”…Um, are your legs broken? You put it in the fridge. We are exactly the same distance from it. Plus, you aren’t nauseous 24 hours a day.


Just odd things like that.

Two nights ago, he chose to let me know I needed ot make more tea by simply holding the empty pitcher in front of my face without saying anything. While I was doing dishes.

I was so astonished by his audacity that I literally chased him from the kitchen by whipping him repeatedly with a damp dishcloth.

Mess with me in the kitchen. I dare you.

Mess with me in the kitchen. I dare you.

It was awesome.

At the end, we were both laughing. I’d gotten my point across without starting a fight, throwing a fit or getting my feelings hurt. I have since decided that no matter what some people say, a whack here an there can solve lot of problems.

get it

3 thoughts on “Sometimes My Life is Like a Movie…but Mostly it’s a Sitcom.

  1. Haha, my husband does the same sometimes and just look at him like, “really?!” I don’t even have to say anything. He gets the message loud and clear and sheepishly apologizes. Most of the time, though, he understands all that I have going on and he will HELP with the extras. He does still ask me to do things, and I don’t mind, but the silly things like your tea and dishes scenario are just ridiculous. Whacking sounds like a reasonable punishment! 😉

    • This made me giggle. He’s just a little spoiled. I try to do EVERYTHING because he works 70+ hours per week and I hate asking him to do stupid crap around the house on top of that…but he’s been taking it to extremes. Pregnancy has really thrown off what I’m capable of doing on a normal basis though. What was really funny is he totally didn’t realize it the first few times! So silly.

  2. Yes, my husband works long hours too and if I didn’t have a toddler (with homeschooling older kids) I wouldn’t mind doing what I used to but now, oh my! I am busy from *son* up to son down! 😉

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