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Crazy Day

Wow. Today has been alternately hectic, wonderful, and crazy stressful. It feels like an entire week happened today.

First, I woke up this morning feeling very nauseous, so I had to take a Zofran. Those pills are a huge blessing because they make me functional, but they also make me so tired that I end up spending half of the day on the couch trying to stay awake. Still, I’ve been winning that battle when it comes to the boys and homeschool the last two weeks. (The house is another story all together).

The Hectic: 

The best part of the morning was when my mom showed up with my aunt to drop off mom’s vehicle, so I could make it to the baby doctor! It was a short-notice appointment so, unfortunately, Hubby couldn’t take off to be there, but considering the trouble I’ve been having, I couldn’t pass up the opening. Anyway, it was so sweet, and the boys nearly exploded with joy just to see Grandma for three minutes. It was adorable.

By the time I was feeling awake and not sick, we were in a bit of a time-crunch for school. It made things hectic, but we managed to get it all done! We are officially back on track! I am so excited. My weeks of being sick only derailed us a little, so we’re cruising along now. Next week, we’ll have time in the schedule for more reading aloud and working on the little extras like beginning blends and common vowel combinations.

The Wonderful:

My mother-in-law scooped up the kiddos so that I could go to the doctor without little eyes around. I still haven’t heard the baby’s heartbeat, but I did get an ultrasound and got to see the baby move around! Even though we’re only about 12 weeks and 3 days along, the picture turned out amazing! I’ve never seen such a clear image on such a little one. Keep in mind this baby is only about the size of a lime (approximately 2 inches)!

12 week ultrasound labeled

The fist line is just pointing to the face in general. The second is pointing at the nose. The third, the mouth, and the fourth the tummy!

Another wonderful thing is the news the doctor gave me. Part of the reason we got such an amazing picture is because I’m “carrying super low.” I love that that’s how my doctor described it. ALL of the trouble I’ve been having is because this little one has decided to reside on his/her back as low as is possible. I felt like they were doing an ultrasound of my lower intestines-no joke.

So that’s great news. I’m hoping that as I progress into the second trimester, that everything will kind of get pulled up a little, which is what usually happens.

On a less exciting note, but still in the wonderful column is the fact that after two full months, my husband got my laptop back, and it is fixed! I was looking forward to getting rid of my piece of crap–which has crashed 5 times (I’m talking blue-screen-of-death crashed) in just over 4 years, but we really would have been stretching the limits of our Christmas budget to get one, so getting mine back for no charge is a HUGE blessing. Still, I’ve decided to use Zoho and Dropbox instead of saving anything to the computer. Basically, I’ve moved to “the cloud.” Well, the cloud and paper copies of all my writing.

The Stressful:

Most of my stress just has to do with dealing with a typical two-year-old baby and a slightly-antagonistic older brother. My nerves are fried. The screaming is taking its toll on me. Add that to general guilt about not being able to keep up with the house like I want and I’m all kinds of a basket case some times.

All things considered, I could not have asked for a better day. I even got to pretend to be a Transformer with the boys tonight before bed. They make the noises and everything. Plus, the baby kept transforming into things like rocks and dinosaurs which had us all dying of laughter.

Hubby is off almost the entire day tomorrow too!

And happiness reigns.

One thought on “Crazy Day

  1. Yay!! What an awesome picture of your newest little one! 😀 I’m sorry about the 2 yr old stress; it will probably not feel as intense for you when you’re not as exhausted/nauseous. Crossing fingers that time is SOON! 😉

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