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Rumors of War.

In all the post-election chaos, I have to say the reporting by some of my most relied-upon news sources has disappointed me, to say nothing of the mass media that has turned sucking into a trophy sport. Those sources who do dare to mention the recent explosion of secession petitions will use headlines like, “States Petition to Secede from Union” (CBS News). The simple truth is, no “state” has filed to secede. No state officials or governors have headed up or encouraged these petitions as far as anyone has seen, heard, or admitted to. These petitions are filed individually by citizens within these states. Granted, these petitions have reached all but two states, but it does not prove any sort of formal plan to split the nation. (SOURCE: Shockingly, Huffington Post is the only media outlet that credits the residents, as they should.

That being said, 10 states, including my home-state Missouri, now have enough signatures to make it to the desk of the president. Mostly, these petitions are being discounted as frivolous or blatantly stupid, but I see this moment as historic…even if nothing comes of it.

Other than the Texas Governor Rick Perry’s 2009 assertion that Texas would “have to” consider separating from the union if the federal government continued with its current trajectory of over-reaching, no petitions have been filed for secession (or at leastnot  on the scale that would make it to the White House) since the Civil War. And now there is this:

Alabama- 28, 850
Florida- 32, 722
Georgia- 41, 573
Lousiana- 35,410
Missouri- 31,865
North Carloina- 28,739
Oklahoma- 25,829
Tenessee- 29,414
Texas- 109,942

I am equally as angry with those who are claiming racism as I am with those who are making such huge reporting errors. Now, I would not presume to speak for everyone. I know there are racist idiots out there. I know that their offensive nature will cast a bad light on those of who think that two separate nations might not be the worst idea in modern history.

You see, the president, Congress, and the politicians-at-large, do not represent me–on either side of the aisle. The do not represent my beliefs or my hopes for my future, the hopes I have for my children. I am a Constitutional Conservative. I believe that states should be left to determine things like gay-marriage. I don’t believe that a law in one state should automatically translate into a nation-wide rule. I believe that the only function of a centralized government is to ensure the defense and protection of its citizens against foreign threats. I do think there are some rules that need re-visiting. For instance, I do not believe that Congress should be responsible for its own pay raises. I believe that the federal budget should be defined as a set percentage of GDP, etc. But more than anything, I think the federal government needs to get out of the way.

More than racism or skepticism or conspiracy touting, I believe these petitions are the people saying, “You do not represent me. Fix it.”

No matter what side you support, I’d be surprised if there was a part of you that didn’t think the nation would be a better placed if __________ state just went away.

I understand there is no simple solution. I understand that halving the “greatest nation” on earth would have violent, tragic and lasting effects, but we are a nation divided. We are divided nearly equally. We are divided geographically. We are divided. Why do we keep on pretending? If there are no solutions within the system, when do we allow ourselves to look outside of it?

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