Grocery Shopping on a Budget

Recently our grocery budget got pretty limited and seriously strict. I’m attempting to feed myself, my boys, and my forever-hungry husband on just $75 a week. I have to say it is going MUCH better than expected. Last visit, I spent just $69. This time, I spent $68.81.Below is the list of some things I scooped up. Anything marked with an asterisk (*) is specifically dedicated to a pre-planned recipe.

In honor of Extreme Couponers “My haul included…”

3 lbs apples
2 cucumbers
Small container of mushrooms*
1 pint strawberries
4 medium-sized tomatoes

2 lbs ground beef*
2 pizzas (a stone-baked pepperoni cost only $1.99! The same as a smaller cheese for the kiddos.)

1 gallon of ice cream*
4 frozen lunches for hubby
1 gallon of Almond Milk
12 containers of yogurt
2, 12-packs of soda.

There were also miscellaneous buys, but these are the main items.

With this haul, plus my existing stock, I will be able to make a shepherd’s pie, stuffed mushrooms, and a pizza dinner in addition to the two other meals I have planned for this week.

Thank God for Aldi’s!

2 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping on a Budget

  1. That’s great! You know what kills me is the non-food stuff!! The paper towels, toilet paper, vitamins, etc…do you consider that separate from your grocery shopping? I shop at two stores per week; Wal-Mart to get most thing but also Publix to hit their awesome BOGO sales (and they take Target & manufacturer coupons for things so I match them up as much as possible). We are strugglin’ as of late, financially, so I am working extra hard at saving at the stores. :/

    • Yes we have a separate “household” budget. This covers everything from the paper products to things we need for general home maintenance. I do have to say though that we don’t buy many paper products. I get toilet paper at Family Dollar or Dollar tree according to the best prices that week ( is great for a current list). We get tissues when we can, but we use washcloths as napkins-fancy I know, and handtowels instead of papertowels. Even though it means a little extra laundry, it keeps us from wasting. My husband is big on grabbing 16 paper towels to clean up a spill instead of just grabbing a bath towel. 🙂

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