Baby #3

An Official Update

Things went well at the first prenatal visit today. Though my doctor’s office doesn’t let patients hear the heartbeat in the first visit, they did prescribe me some anti-nausea meds! Hopefully I can put some weight back on. I’m officially down 15 pounds, which is kind of the opposite direction we were hoping to go.

Anyway, the due date has officially been declared June 7, which puts me at 11 weeks along.

Our Little One is teeny, but looks like a baby. According to, he or she will be able to fold & unfold hands and start water aerobics by the end of this week. I can’t wait to feel some movement! Since I have no belly at all, it would be nice to have some confirmation that Little One is doing alright in there.

Eating sparingly and praying the new meds work!

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