A Really Great Day

After a few really rough days, I am thrilled to report that today has been awesome. I managed to get up and around right around 11 a.m. (a small miracle). My husband is home today, and I’m super excited about that even though he’s spending most of the day playing Halo 4, which came out last night. Yep, he’s a nerd.

I was able to start some laundry, and even go vote! I love voting. I love politics. So, yeah…guess I’m a nerd too.

I’ve even gotten my self-proclaimed “hippie” husband to vote today for the second time in his life.  Anyway, to wrap up our sporadic, but effective unit study on elections, Dad took J with him to witness the voting process. I wish that he would have gone with me. I love watching him learn real-life things. I am also frequently amazed by his intuitive and funny questions. I’m sad to miss out on that, but Dad’s actually home today, so getting the boys away from him is not a realistic goal.

I plan to drag this lesson out as long as possible. I printed a map of the U.S. that J and I will color in as the results of the election are anounced. I’ll also track electoral votes, though I don’t expect him to understand that yet, since the whole electoral college system is still baffling to me sometimes. Ah, the idiosyncracies of a representative republic.

In other news, I’ve been busy (as my nausea allows) preparing for hosting Thanksgiving at my house this year! I could not be more excited. Lots of posts on that to come!

Have a great Voting Day!

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