Photo Homage to Our First Family County Fair

Even though I completely messed up Saturday and caused J to miss a Boy Scout event he’d been looking forward to for a year because I wrote it down wrong, we still managed to have a great day! Hubby was actually off and we went to the Madison County Fair! It was in the 50s and breezy which is perfect weather for us.

The pictures pretty much speak for themselves but I do have to say, Cub started every ride looking very confused. Kind of a “What the heck are you guys doing? Strapping me in and LEAVING me?! Seriously?” sort of look.
Like this:

Or these

You sure about this?

Really Sure?

But eventually he would relax.
Like this:

Also, J isn’t in a lot of the pictures because he was always off on some ride or doing some activity.


Get Ready Brother!

Cub will lick Daddy on command!

This is a vomit-inducer. Spinning wheel inside a car (or strawberry) that also rotates. J loved it.

After rides, we went straight to the animals to keep the kiddos from fussing about being out of tickets. Worked like a charm!

We also saw some epic-ly huge rabbits. I love rabbits!

Last we went to the playground and looked around the vendor stands.

Running from Mommy kisses.

Even though I felt like crap for missing the Boy Scout thing, this is a day I hope to remember for a very long time.

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