All Good Things…Appear to be Expensive.

We’ve been in our own house for about 5 months now, and now we’re starting to experience what we’ve been expecting: houses are expensive.

Our renovation was only about $2,000 and made the house comfortable, updated and attractive to us, but now the real, unexpected costs are rolling in.

Just last month we had to spend about $2100 to get our van up to par in order to pass inspections for licensing purposes. We were happy to do the work to improve our only vehicle, but there were some infuriating snags along the way. Regardless, we got the job done by some miracle.

We spent the rest of September getting caught up and paying down the credit cards we had used and starting to make plans for paying off our debt and building up our savings.

Yeah…God thinks that kind of planning is funny.

Our fridge gave out.

We could have bought something cheap on Craigslist or another standard fridge like we’d been living with for around $500 at the local dent and ding section of Sears. But we’re growing up, and realizing that the cheap fix now isn’t always the cheapest answer in the long run. So, we automatically ruled out the used option.

After scouring the local deals, I realized I could get my dream fridge for $807 on a super sale at the Sears outlet. They retail for about $1350 locally. It was a steal. So my husband made the wise decision to invest now in the fridge we really wanted. Since refrigerators last 10-20 years, we decided that our happiness was a factor to be considered and that $300 was worth it for something that would last so long.

I’m so happy that we made that decision. Even though the $307 difference was a little bit of stretch for us right now, I know that we will be happier with this investment in the long run.

Anyway, here’s what we ended up with-a 21.9 cu ft, bottom freezer, single-door Kenmore.

Imagine what this will look like after I attack it with some Pinterest organizing ideas!

I love having the frequently perishable items (like veggies, cheeses, and leftovers) at eye level. That will help decrease our wastefulness. I sincerely forget about things if they aren’t right in front of my face. The bottom freezer is a little trickier to get used to because of the bucket-style storage, but I’m working on that.

The side doors will hold up to 4 gallon jugs! I will only be using it for 1 gallon, and 2 cartons of almond milk, 1 pitcher of tea and a jug of juice and/or kool aid…but you know, that’s all.

On a related note, I’m super excited every time I re-realize that my husband and I are frequently on the same page financially.

On a separate, but related note…we discovere a hole in our roof during the downpours today. I guess it never ends.

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