Baby #3

Homeschooling with Younger Siblings

When I started researching homeschooling, I was most nervous about what I would do with my nearly-two-year-old boy than the new world of facilitating education. So many bloggers simply talked about just having special things for toddlers to do, and it not being a big deal, but I was still nervous.

Now, I’ve learned what really works for our family. We kind of go with the flow. If the Cub is willing to sit and do special projects, great! Otherwise, he just roams freely. We save things that require the most attention (like new lessons and reading aloud) for when the Cub is napping. We’ve developed a little system.

Mostly, though, I try to get the little one involved too. He need mental stimulation and I don’t want to deprive him of vital attention by getting too caught up in schooling J.

Here’s just one way we involved the baby.

When we did a soil analysis for our CSI unit study, we had to add water to our dirt samples and SHAKE. Enjoy!

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