Camping Photo-palooza!

I learned a few important things about camping.
1. I really love it.
2. Weathermen lie.
3. My husband is amazing, which I somehow manage to forget  and camping really puts him in his element.
4. Rain doesn’t really bother any of us or ruin our fun. Leaky tents, however, do.

Now for the pictures of our fun.

This is a picture of the amazing campsite my husband surprised us with. It was HUGE, and tree-covered, and a little flat patch surrounded by hills and gorgeous!

The little red arrows are pointing to the edge of our campsite (about 1/2 an acre away by that gravel road), a clothing line that someone left (very handy), and the path that led to a clear, shallow part of the black river. We had a bathroom about 50 feet down the main road (not pictured), and hot showers at the entrance of the campground.

A little to the right of the picture above, we pitched our tent.

…And by “we” I mean my husband.

Please note this as a BEFORE picture of Cub’s hair.

After a little rain and a rough night’s sleep, the curls made their appearance. I love his hair!

The first night, my wonderful husband but up and maintained an awesome fire. I cooked us a traditional camping meal-hotdogs (chili dogs with for the adults) and baked beans. Bonus*My normally piky kiddos didn’t even complain or whine for different food…because there wasn’t any.

Enjoying the fire with a flashlight that growls.

Stick boy just hanging out.

Glowing embers

Here’s a picture of my sexy husband, hatchet in hand, freshly back from chopping wood.

We had a rough night, though. Cub went to sleep without fuss or fight around 8. He hadn’t had a nap, I’m sure he was exhausted. This lulled us into believing the night would go smoothly. It was a lie. Something had really upset Hubby’s stomach (food or medication, we aren’t sure) and he was throwing up off an on all night. The commotion woke the Cub and then the night noises kept him from falling back asleep for hours. It was rough.

My husband is such a trooper, though. He was finally able to sleep in the van for a while and we all slept in until about 8. He said he felt well enough to stay, but weathermen lie, remember?

All week, including the day we left, the  forecast said rain that was supposed to clear by Friday night. It didn’t. And then cloudy and mid-to-upper 70s byt Saturday. It wasn’t. It was a tolerable rain that we wouldn’t have minded…but the tent sprang 8 or more leaks and we have nothing to fix it with. So, we had to leave our pretty little piece of heaven, but we had some fun before we went.

Since we were already soaked, and the rain wasn’t letting up for us to pack everything into the tent, we took the boys to the river and we all splashed around, then changed into dry clothes and headed home. Unfortunately those pictures are on my phone, so I have to upload them later.

Hope you enjoyed.

Next time: CSI unit study details!

2 thoughts on “Camping Photo-palooza!

  1. Thanks for sharing. Sorry it rained the whole time and that your hubby got sick. Glad you all manged to enjoy the camping anyway though. Great pictures!

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