Camping: The Anticipation, The Anxiety, The Endless Prep

Tomorrow my husband and I are leaving to take our two boys camping for 4 days and 3 nights. Our boys are 6 and not-quite-2. Generally, I enjoy camping, but I’ve only been camping once as an adult. That time, money wasn’t really an issue, so it required much less preparation. Plus, I didn’t have a baby. I have no idea how I’m going to get the Cub to sleep in a tent.

He adamantly refuses to sleep in a moving vehicle, so taking him for a drive then switching into bed won’t work. Plus, if he hears us all gathered around fire, that’s where he’ll want to be. Should be interesting.

But this is only one of the anxiety-inducing problems I’ve been dealing with. My husband loves surprises, and he loves to surprise me.

I hate surprises.

I need to be able to plan. Planning makes me feel safe and comfortable. Plus, I’m starting to think that, “I’m a man. I like to rough it,” translates into “I have to make it work because of my terrible planning.” Until 2 days ago, I had no idea what equipment we had available to us vs. what we needed to get, so I was worrying about money. I still have no idea where we’re going, so I don’t know how far we are from a store (in case of an emergency). Being close to a store may not sound like “real camping” to some of you (and my husband), and I genuinely don’t care, it just changes how I pack. I really would like to know these things.

Anyway…Since money is tight, I’ve planned all of our meals and pre-made some food to take with us so we won’t be hungry or need to run to the store. What I love about meal planning is that it actually gives me so much freedom. I can switch meals around to be in any order I want and I don’t have to fret about being prepared because I know I have all the right supplies.

Here’s our loose menu plan for the next few days:
*please don’t think we’re gluttonous pigs. Stick boy and I eat 5-6 small meals per day while Hubby and Cub eat 3 big meals and 1 snack. I know, it looks like a lot of food

Breakfast: at home
Snack: fruit snacks, crackers, etc (car-friendly)
Lunch: Pre-made cold cuts and chips (in case we are still in the car, since I have no idea how long we’ll be traveling).
Dinner: Hot dogs (chili dogs for the adults), beans
Snack: S’mores.

Breakfast: Eggs with bacon
Snack: Homemade trail mix. (I might post this recipe later if it goes over well. Peanut-free!)
Lunch: Leftover hotdogs or sandwiches
Snack: fruit and veggies
Dinner: Spanish rice, ground beef, pinto beans

Breakfast: Muffins, Eggs
Snacks: dry cereal/trail mix
Lunch: Spaghetti O’s/Raman
Dinner: Mac ‘n Cheese, hot dogs
Snack: Pre-made chocolate cake (unfrosted)

Breakfast: Oatmeal/Eggs
Snack: S’mores (this is a final “camping” thing to do for the Stick since we’ll leave that afternoon)
Lunch: Sandwiches (car friendly)

Now I just have to figure out how to get all the other stuff packed.

For all the complaining, I really am excited. I like camping. I LOVE the weather forecast: highs in the mid-70s, lows in the mid-50s. This is our vacation. My husband has 4 days off! I long for the break from the technology that sucks us all in. The boys with video games, me with the computer, and all of us with tv. My husband is great at the outdoorsy stuff, so I don’t have to fret about those things. It will be amazing.

**p.s. Stick boy chose to  a little work to his normal load every day so we shouldn’t have to take any school books with us. We will be continuing verbal Q&A though, to keep things fresh.

One thought on “Camping: The Anticipation, The Anxiety, The Endless Prep

  1. Have a great time camping! Take lots of pictures so we can live vicariously through you after you get back home and have rested from your vacation. 🙂

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