Homeschool Adventure

One Proud Mama

Just a quick note here-today is CRAZY. My husband was home 1/2 day (in the morning) which threw off our schedule. He’s been working a lot this week, so I wanted to make sure the kids got to see him, therefore, we post-poned school until he left with the hope of taking advantage of the small one’s nap.

Add that to the million things I had to do to prepare for camping this weekend (more on that later), and we had sheer chaos.

Josiah trudged along in good spirits and pretty much unsupervised.

I did what I do best: worry. I worried about him not reading the directions and not asking for help. I worried about him rushing through, etc. But mostly I worried about math. Today was the first workbook experience with addition and subtraction. He adamantly wanted to try it himself.

He got them all right.

No help.

40 question. 20 addition, 20 subtraction.

All right.

Yep, I’m bragging. I think it’s freaking amazing. I’m a grown woman and math can still stump me occasionally. This is really exciting.

2 thoughts on “One Proud Mama

  1. Oh yea ! Oh Yea
    I can see the dancing going on
    at your house.
    Excellent Siah and to a great Teacher!
    You may not have the math skill as
    well as you do english, but, do you
    Remember the entire x’s tables
    you put on our entire basement
    wall for Kevin.
    Trust me you can teach math. You can!
    love ya’s

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