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My First Attempt at Altering Curriculum

I’m always talking about the various benefits of homeschooling, but I’m discovering new ones all the time!

Last Friday, Tyke 1 was blowing through his usual work with minimal questions or supervision. In our workbooks, these first weeks are a lot of review of skills learned in kindergarten, so I’m trying to get him the habit of working independently as much as possible. Anyway, Friday presented our first real challenge when the Grammar book plunged him into the deep end with Proper Nouns.

He’d plowed through common nouns with no trouble, but the books offer no instruction or real explanation before jumping into the work. So, yesterday I started with a brand new approach to teach pronouns.

I have to admit, I was a little nervous. This is my first real run at teaching to the visual learner that is my son. Plus, I’ve been trying to avoid this whole “doing school” thing…but we all seem to function better with some structure-even Tyke 2.

We started with a simple chart on the dry erase board.

This isn’t our board-just an edited image.

Tyke 1 was asked to identify first if a word was a person, place, or thing. He then had to decide if the noun was common or proper, capitalized or lower case.

It was very difficult for him at first. And even though his comprehension kept getting better and better, he got more and more frustrated because this whole pronoun thing required extra effort for him. It was real thought going into every answer instead of the reflexive response he seems so used to getting right.

We muddled through, and as soon as I’m done here, I’m going to make up a worksheet for review today.If the worksheet turns out acceptable at all, I’ll post it on here for you guys.

UPDATE: Here it is! Noun Practice

As much as he learned about Proper Nouns yesterday, though, I learned more about him. I love that.

One thought on “My First Attempt at Altering Curriculum

  1. I’m sure you’re doing fine. Not everybody can unschool. It’s just one of MANY ways to raising kids. Yep, you do learn a lot by trying new and different things.

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