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Spontaneous Learning

One of the coolest homeschooling phenomenons is spontaneous learning. Some people go so far as to “unschool” or leave learning entirely up to the child. That doesn’t suit my son or my nerves very well, but I’m still enjoying the fruits of this nuance.

Here are a few things I’ve “caught” Tyke 1 doing on his own.

In the picture above, he was making up math problems and solving them while I was busy with the dishes. I was called in to check his answers.

In this one, he’s practicing his shapes from art class.

But this one is my favorite. Tyke 1 decided he wanted to begin an experiment. He had a glass of rubbing alcohol (which I got for him) and a glass of water. He put plant parts in them as well as dirt and other miscellaneous items and left them overnight. It was a horrible disgusting mess. But, it sparked a love of science, of experimentation. And so, we began with structured experiments today!

Another great dollar find comes through for us with this little gem from Target:

I know it says grade 2-3, but how cool is it that we don’t have to stick to that?!

We modified this experiment to include a fruit snack, a sour patch kid, and a sour worm because we didn’t have any gummy bears.

This kid was invested and excited! We set the timer for 5 hours, but he checked on them every 45 minutes! Without warning, he would run into the kitchen and call, “Mom! You have to see this!”

Here he is recording ‘after’ data.

In fact, he’s so into this that our next unit study will be about CSI by his choice! I love this. Plus, no sharks!

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