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The Great Shark Adventure…Ugh

I hate sea creatures. All of them. Don’t try to tell me they are majestic or colorful or intriguing. I simply do not care. They freak me out. Plus, in the water they have 2 advantages: silence and speed. Hate it.

So, my lovely son, knowing full-well my aversion to all things aquatic has chosen to study sharks this time for his unit-study. We are reading lots of sharks books (which give me chills),

watching shark documentaries (that I try my best to not look at, all the while trying to talk with him about the important facts),

and making shark projects. He’s a mean child really.

Still, it’s really cool to see him all lit up about something. (My luck he’s going to end up a marine biologist, and to show that I’m proud and supportive, I’m going to be subjected to trips to the ocean and marinas.)

Anyway, here’s how yesterday went.

We found this really informative and entertaining Magic School Bus book on Sharks in our collection. This book includes shark measurements and more, so we headed outside to get a concept of just how big some of these beasts are.

We started at zero…

And measured out all the lengths of all of the sharks in the book.

Even the whale shark (which is 60 ft long)!

This really helped Stick Boy understand their size. Unfortunately, it really helped me get the picture too. Oh well, anything for the kiddos.

Here he is sitting by the lemon, nurse, and hammerhead measurements.

He was really fired up to get into his lapbook today, so I know it was worth it.

One thought on “The Great Shark Adventure…Ugh

  1. How creative to go outside to show Siah how long the sharks are. The Magic School
    Bus books are so awesome.
    Way to go Julie, (Mom), I just know Siah loved
    this lesson/adventure.

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