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Homeschool SkedTrack Review

A good friend of mine from college is back in town and homeschooling! It is great! She invited me to a homeschool group for Missouri homeschoolers, also awesome, and that lead me to

I am so excited about this!

I was panicking about making sure we reach the required amount of hours each day so that we complete our course by the end of the year. 600 core hours seems overwhelming, but it really breaks down to about 3 core hours per day in our 36 week schedule.

Here’s a screen shot of how the site works:

There are even pages where you can keep your daily log of activities. I intend on just putting it in the note section here.

Here’s another secret…I LOVE checklists. If you can’t tell by the Home Management Guide, I kind of live by them. This site allows me to track everything with a nice little check mark. Plus all pages are printable, for the planning book I am required to keep!

love, love, love.

Update: I also discovered that I can create a transcript using this fully functioning and FREE site! That means come high school graduation (if we are lucky enough to continue homeschooling) then I will have all his grades, courses, hours, etc. in one convenient place! This is a huge weight off my shoulders. Here’s how I plan to do it:

1. Daily check off each subject we’ve completed. (For some subjects that we don’t cover daily, this can be a little bit of extra work. I have to go into “Activities” for the day and “Edit Activity” and either add or delete the subject.)

2. Keep log of hours by making sure the checklist reflects an accurate amount of time spent in each subject area. I’m thinking of switching to credit hours. We review constantly throughout our lives, so even though our French lesson takes only 10 minutes, we review in the car when there’s nothing on the radio. We review in front of family (because Stick Boy is really liking French since I taught him to say “My dad is crazy”)

3. Keep a record of grades in a paper notebook. Grading is required by my state.

4. Quarterly, input all grades for subjects into SkedTracker for use in making a transcript.

5. Printing and filing quarterly reports-much like progress reports and report cards. This way my son has every option available to him when he graduates.

I don’t believe every kid has to attend college to succeed. Fortunately, with homeschooling, my kids will have the option of beginning apprenticeships much earlier in life in fields that interest them. Hopefully, this will allow them to settle into careers more quickly too. It will also help them decide what type of schooling is required, if any is.  Still, if Stick boy should choose college, I want him to have that option. is going to make that easier for us.

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