Homeschool Adventure

Sight Word Baseball

Even if you aren’t a homeschooler, I highly recommend this game! It can be easily adapted for spelling words or multiplication tables.

We used our wipe board to draw a baseball diamond.

Don’t make fun. The kids don’t care that I’m not an artist.

Then we used the pack of sight words I picked up from Target dollar bins.

Each word said correctly equals one base (which we marked by having Cub or Stick move the little magnet around.)

Cub was especially tickled when he got to move the base marker.

Every based earned also came with a mini-celebration.
Any word said incorrectly equals one out. To “win” Stick had to earn 5 runs before he accumulated 3 outs. Again this is super easily adapted to spelling words and math facts or ever colors and shapes for preK!

Cub was my proud Vannah White as well as base mover.

You should play this game! It was such a good experience for us.

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