Homeschool Adventure

Our First Day

Our first day went so well that I took 28 pictures! (I will only share a few here).

Things were great today. These are just the highlights. We did some math, spelling and grammar, but that was all workbook stuff.

I was able to keep Cub from being too much of a distraction by getting him involved! He roamed around a bit, but he liked it best when he was helping.

First up after baths, Stick Boy got his morning chores done. Cub followed him around and “helped”.

Then we settled in. I had learned from previous experience that some work simply cannot be done while the toddler mills about, so we tried to get everything else done while he was up to maximize our time.

This is Iggy. He’s very important to Stick Boy. He joined us for school today-dressed in his very nicest clothes.

See, not too distracting…

We got an introduction into Baroque music which inspired Stick to stand in front of the computer and mime the opera. Couldn’t be more proud.

After morning work went smoothly, we headed out for a fresh-air break.

The true highlight of Day 1 came after break when we played Sight Word Baseball! Click here for more details on that! It was a simple idea that came with the sight word cards, but it allowed for so much celebration, integrating my Cub helper and assessment of Stick’s reading skills without all the formality.

Stick also did some independent reading which is amazing to witness.

Lastly, we started a lapbook on spiders. Basically, I’m using the idea I found here to make Unit Study summaries. Stick has already picked the spider he wants to focus on studying (tarantulas), and we’re compiling facts about classification, habitat, and more.

Overall, awesome day!

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