As an Homage to Summer

On our first day of school, I thought I’d look back on our summer and post my favorite pics. I feel a little guilty because there are more of Cub than the Stick boy, but Cub is in that “learning-new-things” phase and Stick wasn’t in the house with us much because he’s in a “I-want-to-be-outside-with-my-friends” phase.

Here’s Cub imitating Papa who’s on an actual business call.

“Who me? No I didn’t take out all the shoes. See, I’m cute. CHEEEESE!”

Best part is, they did this all on their own-I just happened to catch them.

Just chillin’ with Daddy and Dog

Stick Boy turning a tent into a ghost and scaring the living daylights out of Cub, much to his delight.

Cub really relaxed watching tv. Really relaxed.

Again, this is a moment I just happened to catch. I got nervous when it was quiet while I was working on the dishes. Silence makes all moms nervous, but this was my pleasant surprise.

Pine cone sword fights

“Gotta wash the toes, Mom.”

Cub asking to go swing.

Very unhappy Cub when I told him we would swing later.

Gotta have cool glasses to play the harmonica in your pajamas on an inflatable slide in the living room.

And last but not least, the pictures showing what the boys managed to do to a clean living room while I sorted donations in their bedrooms. I think it maybe took them 10 minutes.

Notice how relaxed and cozy Stick Boy seems…

See Cub strolling casually. Yep, it’s a conspiracy. The mess must have just “happened.” Boys.


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