Baby #3

Getting My Ducks in a Row…So We Can Add Ducks to Our Row

This title just came to me and made me smile.

So this week has been interesting in the “planning for baby” (PFB) department. The good and bad seem to be coming hand-in-hand and.

I read a blog from another mom-to-be panicking like me. She offered some really good insight into beginning an exercise routine because weight affects fertility, so I checked around and found this article which discusses the link between BMI and fertility. Healthy BMI is between 18.5 and 24.9 and I’m right at 21!

Other Good Points:
1. Hubby and I finally had a very honest conversation about all of our nerves regarding adding another child to the mix.
-It was so refreshing to hear that he’s panicking with me. Usually it’s just me, freaking out in some corner running over all the “what might happen’s”. Sometimes I just need him to freak out with me. Luckily, he is. It was also really nice to hear his concerns because they were so different from mine, so we were able to help each other out. My concerns mainly focus on how to handle terrible morning sickness with all my other responsibilities. Plus, odd as this sounds, I’ve always been single when pregnant (we were apart briefly while I was pregnant with Cub), so I’m worried about how crazy-hormonal me will treat my hubby & if he’ll learn to handle me with the necessary kid gloves. His concerns are mainly financial with the one exception about worrying about how he’ll manage to divide his attention even further.

2. Stick boy is on board.
-I didn’t officially tell him that we were trying, but I asked if he was ok with having another baby around. I asked on a day when the Cub was being tricky, and it was hard for Stick to get a word in edge-wise, but he was thrilled with the idea. He’s wanted to share a room with Cub since we moved into our new place, so that’s actually a positive to him! He also said the sweetest thing: “Then Cub and the new baby will be friends.” I said they would, just like he and Cub are friends to which he replied, “Yeah, and when they fight and yell and punch each other, I can be the one to tell them to stop.” I told him I was proud of what a good big brother he is.

3. Bickering has almost evaporated with the Implanon
-I didn’t realize how awful that hormone was making me, but things are much better around here.

Bad Things:
1. Baby Fever.

2. Waiting.
-For the impatient, like me, waiting is the 7th ring of Hell.

One thought on “Getting My Ducks in a Row…So We Can Add Ducks to Our Row

  1. It’s certainly good that you and hubby had that discussion and were able to help each other, It’s also awesome that the little one(s) are okay with another little one joining. Woot!

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