Baby #3

Impatient+Baby Fever=Crazy

I’m terrible at waiting, and this whole planning for baby thing is pushing my impatience to the extreme already! Usually, I spend months 5- labor getting ready and the last 4 weeks angst-ridden over how long everything is taking, but now…now the wait is infinite!

We aren’t even pregnant yet, and I have baby fever so bad it’s interfering with my normal life! I am stalking baby sites, reading blogs about parenting, blogs about planning for another baby, finances, names!

It’s quite ridiculous.

Plus, I’m still dreading morning sickness and battling out the names with my hubby. (We rarely agree because he wants mainstream names, and I loathe almost all of them). Luckily, I established early on that there are only 3 acceptable places to get baby names: the Bible, classic literature, and family. It actually narrows the choices quite a bit.

I need to find a way to think about something else. ANYTHING else. I shall go try to occupy myself with chores. At least then my hands will be busy…even if my brain is still on baby.

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