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Quick post on a great egg deal!

Ok, I know this may seem silly but we use eggs a lot around here. We use them for breakfast. We use them for cakes. We use them for a million recipes. So, I try to get the best deal on eggs by shopping around. Wal-mart sells 18 large eggs for $2.83; Schnucks $2.88 for 18 or $1.93 for 12. Those all work our to about $0.16 per egg. Thankfully, Aldi offers eggs for $1.58 for 12 or $0.13 per egg.

That price seemed fine with me in comparison until we were at Wal-mart yesterday when I saw a box of eggs-60 for $6.88! That’s an amazing price cut. Eggs are only $0.11 that way!

Then I started to think, Will we USE all these eggs before they go bad? I decided to risk it because really quite a few could go to waste before we’d lose out on $…

But I shouldn’t have worried. The boys had 8 of them for breakfast this morning between the 3 of them!

I’m thinking it will all work out.

3 thoughts on “Quick post on a great egg deal!

  1. That is a really good deal. We used to eat a lot of eggs when we lived on the homestead in MO, no doubt because Renee’ used to cook them. Now that she can only look down on us, and we’re in Austin, TX, we’ve decided we don’t like them well enough to cook for ourselves. Well, my DD does once in a blue moon.

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