Homeschool Adventure

“Easing” into School

As you might know, Tyke 1 and I have been easing into a school schedule gradually. As soon as we made the commitment to homeschool, I started instituting a bit of a schedule and introduced with some fun but needed work to get us used to it all. I knew there would be a bit of a struggle to get motivated and to balance my normal cleaning routine, the baby and this whole school thing.

For the most part, it has been going well. We are developing some ways to keep Tyke 2 busy while I teach the Stick Boy new skills. Cub has special toys for use only during lessons, and I also got him a scribble workbook. It looks like Tyke 1’s workbooks, so he feels like a big kid too.

Well, this morning, it didn’t go so well. Things were chaotic to say the least. The baby kept making noises louder than Tyke 1 could read aloud, the dog begged to be let out, I received 2 texts and 2 calls and Cub threw numerous fits. And that was just the first 10 minutes.

After some finagling, a few timeouts for Mr. Crabby Baby and turning off the phone, things did calm down though.

Tyke 1 fought through the chaos and some early-reader frustration and finished a pretty long Step 1 book. I managed a math lesson, and, even though it was short since we’re still “practicing”, I figured out just how visual my 6 year old is which will definitely shape future lessons.

I’ve been trying a free-form style to see if we can nail down what works for all of us. I let Tyke 1 pick what lesson we do first, where we read, etc. We are structure people, though, and I think the randomness and lack of predictability is throwing us off. When we settled down for Writing at the table, they each had a workbook, and things were so much better.

I don’t know how I could have forgotten that the baby isn’t happy unless he is doing whatever his brother is doing. (It’s part of being close, and I love it.)

All that said, I learned 3 Important Lessons today:

1. The dog has to be put up during lessons. He’s far too distracting.
2. Reading time should probably be saved for when Cub is napping.
3. The phone has to be off when Stick Boy needs my undivided attention (learning a new skill or reading aloud). Anyone who needs me can wait half an hour, even if it’s my husband.

Learning lessons like that are the exact reason I wanted to ease into school. Then, even when it isn’t “easy”, I’m not panicking about meeting standards or completing a set amount of lessons. It’s my own, personal learning curve, and I have to say that I think we’re doing pretty well.

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