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DIY Baby WIpes!

I can’t believe it took me so long to post this one! Baby wipes were my very first experiment in the DIY world.

This “recipe” taught me 2 important things:

1. With minimal time and effort I can save hundreds of dollars every year on the “basics”.

2. Every DIY recipe has to be adjusted to your personal preference. There’s a reason there are so many choices in brands, scents, strengths, etc. of products. Different people like different things.

We like slightly damp, sweetly scented, non-oily wipes. That is the recipe that follows.

I literally used odds & ends of soaps & lotions we had lying around the house. I haven’t needed to buy lotion or soap yet. When I do, I will likely purchase off-brand items to save even more.

1 roll Bounty Select-a-size paper towels cut in half (hamburger style)-See note below. Please stick with Bounty. Other brands really don’t work. I’ve tried.
1/2 Tbsp. body wash for sensitive skin
1/2 Tbsp. baby lotion
1 Tbsp. Creamy Baby Oil
1 3/4 cups warm water

1.Fold 1/2 roll (or as many as will fit into your wipe container) along perforated lines and cut in half. (This is the most time-consuming step. You’ll get the hang of it.)

If you tuck one flap under the top wipe, they will pull out of the container just like store-brand wipes.

2. Mix all ingredients except water first.

3. Slowly add water and mix thoroughly. You have to use warm water or it will not dissolve the lotion.

4. Pour 1/2 mixture into bottom of wipe container. Add previously cut paper towels. Pour remaining mixture on top.

5. Allow 15 minutes for mixture to absorb.

That’s it!

If your wipe container isn’t 100% sealed, you may have to add water later as the wipes begin to dry out.

If you like very moist wipes, you will need more water in your recipe. I suggest adding 1/4 cup at a time until you find the moisture level you like best. If you like the wipes to be “slicker” add more oil. If your baby’s skin is sensitive, make sure you use ingredients that you know work for them!

The all important Wipe cost

Important numbers (in case the pdf doesn’t open for you).
DIY Cost per 360 Count-$3.60, or $0.01 per wipe

Parent’s Choice Cost per 384-$7.47, or $0.02 per wipe (twice DIY cost)
Huggies Cost per 320-$9.94, or $0.03 per wipe (three times DIY cost)
Pampers Cost per 360-$9.97, or $0.03 per wipe (three times DIY cost)

Keep in mind, I used leftover soaps from around the house, two of which were name brand. The prices listed are for name brand ingredients with no coupons! Imagine the savings if you actually bought store brand or used coupons! ****Please stick with Bounty, though. Other brands are simply too thin. They absorb just fine as paper towels,  but do not retain enough texture to work as wipes.*******

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have a recipe for wipes that you really enjoy.

One thought on “DIY Baby WIpes!

  1. I love Bounty-they really are the best. Great idea to make wipes with them. I made my own wipes too when I started using cloth diapers (when Samuel was 4 months) because I figured I’m gonna be washing all this anyway, why not wash the wipes as well?! I cut up my older son’s outgrown (well worn!) 100% cotton t-shirts into squares. I used a wipes container like you did, added water and baby wash (soap/shampoo stuff) and that was all. They’re not anything great but they work and they’re essentially free. Not too fun with breastfed poop, but now that he’s on lots of solids it’s no big deal. 🙂

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