Ending the Drought

The most interesting part for us Saturday night really wasn’t the rain. It was Tyke 2’s reaction to the storm. After really thinking about it, I suppose the little guy had never heard the full-force of a night-time storm. He used to be in a completely interior room in a basement with no exterior walls. It made an ideal sleeping space for a young baby, but we never spent any time playing in there. Well, now his room not only has one exterior wall but two, and a window! Needless to say that is a significant increase in noise.

He woke up screaming, refused to lay back down in his bed. He was clinging to us and asking us to make the storm “go”. When we’d tell him we couldn’t, that it was rain and a good thing, he’d cry. So, we brought him to bed.

I have a standing policy against letting the kiddos sleep in bed. Call me cruel but I’m terrified of SIDS and even more afraid of my sleeping-like-the-dead-and-flopping-around-in-my-sleep tendencies, so we just don’t do it. Last night was going to be the first exception. We cuddled, watched a quiet movie that I’d been falling asleep to. Then the cub decided it was time to play. Well, he lunged when I leaned and…

Yep, those cuts were caused by tiny teeth. Thankfully, he has no lasting marks, but my husband swears he saw a crack and I still have a massive headache.

We did end up getting him back to his own bed when the weather settled down a little.

When you combine the war wound with the 2 hours in bed with us (wide awake) and the four other times he woke up screaming that night, and you have some very sleepy (and in my case, injured) people walking around.

Oh well, at least it rained.

It finally rained last night. We’re in a patch of the country labelled an “extreme” case of drought. Weathermen keep promising rain but we’re often disappointed because we receive only a sprinkle if we get anything at all. This weekend, however, the heavens finally opened up and poured out on us for a few hours. While that certainly isn’t a fix to the drought, it’s a start.

3 thoughts on “Ending the Drought

  1. So sorry about the wound, but it doesn’t look so bad to me. 🙂 Our kids refused to sleep in their own bed/crib, so each one slept with us most of the time until they were 6 or 7 (I can’t remember).

    Glad you finally got some rain though. I’ll bet it helps a lot. Yay!

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