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DIY All-Surface Cleaner (For surfaces and Glass!)

Continuing my DIY investigation, I wanted to share a DIY cleaner I’ve used for almost a year now. This is super simple, super old-fashioned and super effective.

First the ingredients:
2 cups water (use cool water for this “recipe”)
2 cups white vinegar
**optional-2-6 drops scented oil

That it! It’s that simple.

I personally add 2-6 drops of essential oil to help leave a lingering sweet smell. Sometimes I buy Glade refills when they are available at the dollar store and use that oil, but it isn’t necessary. The mixture is scent-free when dry so adding oil is completely optional. There is a vinegar smell when it’s wet, but I promise it evaporates. Also, vinegar is way less pervasive and lingering than bleach or ammonia!

I then pour the mixture into an empty spray bottle that I held over from my days using store bought chemicals.

This mixture has so many benefits.

1. You can use it almost anywhere.

Antique wooden dining room table.

Bathroom counters

Kitchen surfaces including refrigerator, sink, counters and cabinets.

Mirrors and more!

Basically I don’t use it on my bookshelves (because I pamper them with special wood oil) and inside tubs and toilets where I like to have something with a little grit to really scrub with.

2. This smell is light and evaporates, so I never have trouble with my asthma when I clean. This used to be a huge issue for me. Cleaning the bathroom would cause discomfort and pain when breathing so I would avoid it at all costs. This mixture has made my house so much cleaner without costing me health or comfort.

3. Vinegar disinfects. More info on that here. However, tough bacterias like salmonella will need either hot water and soap or a “typical” household cleaner like bleach or ammonia.

4. It’s CHEAP. I use a simple white vinegar from Aldi’s. It’s $.99 for 32 ounces (4 cups), so each batch costs about $.50 (plus whatever 6 drops of oil might cost). It also lasts about 6 months!

Hillbilly Housewife, the great site my step mom recommended, suggests adding 1 cup alcohol for a quick-drying recipe. I haven’t tried it yet, but that would definitely up the disinfecting power too! Have to do that next time I run out…which won’t be for a while.


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