Way too Early. Way too Noisy.

Just a little frustrated over how things always seem to go with sleep around here. It feels like any time I might have a chance to sleep in, like when the kids are away or my husband doesn’t have to get up for work at the crack of dawn…well then something malfunctions in me and I can’t do it! I cannot sleep in.

As a coping mechanism, I decided to start getting up each day around 6, so I could have some time alone before the kids rise, and so my husband’s ever-changing schedule won’t leave me always in bed begging for just 15 more minutes. Well, now I’m waking around 5:20 a.m. and can’t fall back to sleep!

So frustrating.

Our house isn’t terribly quiet on a normal basis. We have a clock that ticks, an a/c fan wobbling, and dog that re-arranges his bed 20 times a night,our neighbors come and go at all hours, and more. Usually, I like the noise and I even fall asleep with the tv on. Today, however, the house was loud enough, it actually woke me. We are expecting major storms around here and the wind and changing atmosphere means the house is settling all weird and making noises. Since the kids sleep on the opposite end of the house, any kind of noise that I don’t recognize makes me jumpy.

Well, it’s a weird, unsettling way to start the day. But, hey, I have a few extra minutes to troll the news online. I have been so out of touch lately!

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