Homeschool Adventure

Target is my New Best Friend.

So when we finally decided we were doing this homeschool thing for real, I started scouting for supplies I knew I would need…and for the ones I knew I would want. Target is like my wishlist breeding ground, but their prices tend to be unreasonably higher than their competition most of the time. And even though the Target style is sometimes worth the premium, we live within a budget, so it’s usually not a luxury we can indulge in.

It didn’t keep me from looking.

My son is very visual, so having posted reminders, and a place to write “popcorn” words helps him out. So, I went in search of some kind of dry erase board. I was really pleased to find a HUGE dry erase board there, at Target,  for $15.99. Not only was it as big as I wanted, it also came in a great black frame which meant it could hang it in the dining room without it being an eye sore. A wipe board 1/2 the size at Wal-Mart was $10 something. So, I returned to Target a few days later and purchased it. (I also bought spray paint and converted the back to a chalk board so it does double duty).

Tried to get the door frame in there to the right for scale. It’s huge!

On my way into the store, though, I was forced to pass the dollar bins. Most dollar bins hold no allure for me, but those Target bins…they are filled with mystery and wonder. Usually, I view this as some sort of penance or ultimate test of my wills when it comes to the budget. Anyway, on this particular trip in to get the wipe board, I saw that the bins were stuffed full of school supplies. I had some wiggle room in the school budget, so I decided to take a quick look.

The things they had were incredible! Showing considerable restraint, I still managed to carry away an armload.


These are all flashcards. Since we’re easing into the school schedule, one activity Tyke 1 does every day is pick something to learn about from the cards (of course he chose insects first), and we read through 5 cards.

Beautiful pictures on the front.

Info on back

In addition to learning cool bug facts (like roly-polys have gills!), he’s already learned what the words”habitat” and “diet” mean in just 2 days! And that’s just fun school time.

I was even able to get something for Tyke 2. I hope this scribble book can hold his attention. For short spans at least.

$1 activity book for Tyke 2!

Adorable pages!

In short, Target is my new homeschool friend. Best friend even.

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