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DIY Fabric Softener Review

OK! I made it and I love it! I combined 3 different ideas into my own recipe. I don’t do liquid in the wash because I forget, and the Downy ball is my enemy. So I searched how to make dryer sheets at home. Many people use cut up rags, but I wanted more “store-like” dryer sheets. (No idea why). Then I found some people using coffee filters. That sounded like a great idea, but still produced a lot of wasted money. Instead, I decided to save my old dryer sheets and soak them. For the coffee filter idea, they said to use 1 tsp of liquid fabric softener per sheet, so I stuck with that math. Basically it’s almost 1 cup (13/16 to be exact) per 40 dryer sheets.

SUPER easy steps.

1. Ingredients.
I made a half batch to see if I liked it.

1 cup Conditioner. 1 1/2 cups White Vinegar. 3 cups Water.

2. Mix. Warm water is critical here. Otherwise the conditioner won’t break up.

3. Pour 1 cup of mixture over 40 used dryer sheets or 40 coffee filters.

4. Swish it around some and seal so the sheets get soaked fairly easily.


Left over softener can be stored in a jar. I used an old spaghetti jar.

Isn’t it pretty?!

I tried this out on a tough load-the dog bedding.

Everything came out smelling perfectly neutral (what I aim for) and soft! If you like really fragrant clothes, you might need to try a more fragrant soap than we use around here, but you can totally customize and control that!

There is some pretty complex math included below. Here’s the summary: Each batch makes 5.5 cups. Each cup makes 40 sheets/40 loads. So, each batch can be used for 220 loads. It costs $.82 per batch, which means $.004 per load! I looked up local fabric softener prices and the breakdown there is either $.05 per load (sheets) or $.07 per load (liquid) in the cheapest name-brand detergent. This week it happened to be Gain. Regardless, that’s amazing savings!

I do approximately 10 loads of laundry per week which is 520 (ish) loads per year. With this formula, I can use fabric softener for the entire year for $1.96! Beat that Gain! With my DIY Laundry Soap that’s about $28 for the YEAR for laundry! I’m partying!

Here’s the complicated math breakdown for the skeptical or curious.

Comparison Math

I’m so happy with this!

Try it and let me know!

Update—I’ve switched over to using Suave Everlasting Sunshine conditioner. The smell is unbelievable! $2.97 for the large bottle.