Homeschool Adventure

Strange Pressure I Didn’t Expect

I’ve read a lot about homeschooling lately (just check out my feed from Good Reads), so I’ve been prepared for the objections I’ve gotten to homeschooling. Fortunately, these books and my own convictions have kept me from getting too upset when I hear people talking like I’m crazy. I know that it seems radical to some, and all I can hope is that they will eventually respect my family’s decision as different from their own but not wrong.

I saw that coming.

What I didn’t see coming was this weird internal pressure to give Tyke 1 things that people expect for public schooled children. New backpack, new lunch box. New shoes, a whole new wardrobe. All these things are shiny and enticing at the store so I feel obligated to spend the money on these things. But here’s the truth: we get great hand-me-downs. I haven’t really had to buy new clothes in years. And all the shiny supplies are cool, but we don’t need them. And, we don’t really have the money in our budget for them. We’re too busy paying for books and things like…insurance.

Still, I feel weirdly guilty and obligated.

I hope that while my son learns to adjust to learning outside of a classroom, I learn not to feel like he has to have the latest fad at the store. Looks like everyone’s in for a few lessons here.

One thought on “Strange Pressure I Didn’t Expect

  1. Yeah, he definitely doesn’t need all that new, shiny stuff just for school. Pretty sure he wouldn’t turn it down though. LOL. I know I wouldn’t. lol

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