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Much Needed Break

This weekend was great. I have been feeling anxious lately, and even though I thought I had it under control, I have started to realize it wasn’t. So, my husband arranged for the kids to spend two nights away at his parents’ house. It’s never easy for me to send them away for more than one night, but I always end up grateful for it. The kiddos have a fun change of scenery with people we trust, so they come back refreshed, and cuddly. And, my husband and I get a chance to be alone together. We started this marriage with two kids in tow, so time alone is a precious rarity.

Sometimes it means we just have more time for bickering, but sometimes it means despite having to run a few errands, we get to go new places and do new things together.

My husband is an artist, and yesterday I had the privilege of going with him to the Art Museum for the first time. It was great to see him all lit up. I took time to look at the paintings that drew me in, and was pleased to find that we enjoyed the same kind of art. Mostly, though, I just watched him out of the corner of my eye. I tried to follow behind and see things the way he did without asking too many questions. It was wonderful. The highlight of that trip was hearing him say he needed to paint again!

We also went to an interesting new cafe he found and just hung out for a while, drinking old-fashioned cokes and taking in the atmosphere.

After a casual dinner at Bread Co., we returned home to watch the last two episodes of our favorite show, my husband began a painting, and we went to bed early.

It was an amazing day, and even though I’m counting the moments until the kiddos return, I feel so lucky that I have him and that we were able to share that day together.

Now, it’s off to begin Monday chores.

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