Homeschool Adventure

Getting Closer

Homeschooling starts for us in just a few, short weeks and two things are happening. Firstly, I am thrilled, and actually getting impatient. I want to get started so I can see how this is all actually going to function instead of just reading and wondering…and worrying about it. 

Secondly, I am getting anxious about maintaining the house. I know that the advice at large is “Don’t worry about the house. It doesn’t matter as much as the kids” and I see the value in that. I, however, don’t work well in clutter. I get frazzled and frustrated when things aren’t relatively clean. I know that my standards will have to relax, but I’ve just gotten into my own place. I’ve just gained control over how my living space looks and is kept. I’m not ready to let go!

I guess there is a third concern that I’m not sure how to handle. Tyke 2 is almost 2 years old now and he is becoming a bit of a handful. He throws fits, makes noise almost constantly and clings to his brother. This will certainly make school time difficult.


If I do one thing well-it’s worry. Here’s to 4 more weeks of that.

On a positive note, I got to have an enlightening conversation with Tyke 1 yesterday. In an effort to ease the transition to schooling at home, I started getting the boys on “school time” in the mornings. I figured I’d do this for a while, until it felt natural and then add the afternoon structure so that the schedule won’t be a shock. It went well.

6 a.m. I got up, exercised, posted a blog and just had some quiet time alone.
7 a.m.  Tyke 1 was up but played quietly in his room until Tyke 2 got up at 7:30 when my husband left for work.
               This was wake  up time. We tend to wake up slowly, so I let Tyke 1 play, watch tv, eat, etc. until…
8:30. I put Tyke 2 in the tub while Tyke 1 cleaned up his room. Then it was Tyke 1’s turn to take a bath. Then we all got dressed.
9:15 We read a story Tyke 1 chose. It was a simple Disney book for kids, but we managed to find 4 words he wasn’t familiar with, listed them on the dry erase board and spent some time 
           discussing them and looking up information, including finding out some basic info on the Amazon Jungle mentioned in the book.

After this, we sat on the couch to watch a show together. I told Tyke 1 we’d be having school like that every day until the real school started. He replied, “Mom, um…I know how to do school. I’ve done it before.” It made me smile! I was so grateful for the opportunity to explain to him that school at home would be different from his school room and that it would take some time for all of us to get used to it.

I guess that’s one less challenge we’ll have to tackle in August!

3 thoughts on “Getting Closer

  1. Being OCD and a homeschool mom myself, I feel your pain. It can be done though, all of it. I would argue that NOT keeping my house clean is also teaching my children something. I am preparing them to be Godly, Christian adults. I feel that teaching them at home means that not only do I get to teach them how to do math and other subjects, but I also teach them to be organized. Pray about where the Lord (and your husband) wants your priorities to be set and go from there. Plan out your day and go with it, knowing that you will need to be flexible, but that without a plan you might plan to fail.

    • Thank you! That’s great advice. I’ve noticed that my need for order gets worse when I’m anxious or going through a rough time. Things are super stressful right now, so that’s probably where the annxiety is coming from. Days like this, I’m so grateful for my checklists and to-do lists these days.

  2. I will keep you in prayer. That He will give you peace and wisdom to handle whatever you are going through. Checklists and to-do lists are great ideas, stick with it.

    I know that my need for order comes in when life gets stressful. I suppose it is my need to have control over at least that small portion of my life. To know that somewhere in the chaos, there is order and peace.

    May the Lord grant you peace and show you the way through the storm.

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