Home Management Guide

Building Your HMG: Odds & Ends

This is the last day of the HMG! Congrats on getting organized.

The last two sections in my HMG are very simple. For the Family section, I have a sheet protector which holds a spreadsheet with  names, phones numbers, addresses, email, etc. for all the friends and family that I try to correspond with occasionally. My goal is to get better at this “old-fashioned” letter writing thing, but even an email lets these special people know I’m thinking of them. I tend to also keep stamps in this place since I lose them otherwise.

My DIY section contains simple recipes for at-home cleaners I use, like the one listed under Money Savers.

Lastly, I keep a pocket folder. Through the week it gives me a place to store work schedules, coupons, grocery store flyers, and more. That way those things don’t end up stacked all over the counters.

That’s it! We’re done. I hope your Home Management Guide gives you the sense of organization and anxiety-relief that mine brings me.

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