Homeschool Adventure

A Place for Everything Homeschool…so far

I’m trying not to let the new homeschool thing take over our entire house. It would be so easy to just buy all the neat looking stuff and over run the living area. We still have to live here. Plus, I like to have people over and need places to entertain. So, I decided to price check those fancy cloth boxes. They look really nice and hid clutter well. Originally I had my sights set on a cube organizer ($16.99) and larger cubes (2 for $5.99). As I was headed out the door, however, I decided to take measurements for the space beneath our “fainting couch” just to see if it would hold anything worth my time.

Here’s what I found at the local Deals!

Each box was only $1! That’s 5 boxes for $5 as opposed to 2 boxes for $5.99!

They fit under the couch perfectly AND the larger ones are just big enough for the curriculum books.

How awesome is that!

We plan on keeping supplies like pencils, markers, etc. in the smaller boxes. I’m heading back soon to get one more red one for keeping my lesson plan/daily log book in!

I did buy a larger cloth bucket (approximately 8x14x8 H) for extra books we’re using as well as puzzles and some larger materials for projects. It was $5 but it’s in a more visible place in the dining room and it’s a little fancier.

Overall, I couldn’t be more pleased!

2 thoughts on “A Place for Everything Homeschool…so far

  1. I really love the way you used the space that you used for the containers. What a great idea!
    Saving money is a big help and it looks great too. Way to go! Love Ya Moma

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