Teaching Political Process in an Election Year

I’m really very excited that we are starting our first homeschooling year during election season. Maybe this makes me weird, but I enjoy a good, old-fashioned throw down debate. I love to sort through campaign promises and look at voting records, but most I love that the whole nation is talking politics to some degree. Usually that’s just left to the nerdier types…like me.

This year, I hope to introduce Tyke 1 to America’s political system but having a unit study focusing on the founding of America (Declaration/Constitution talks), why we should vote (not everyone has that privilege) and how those ideals work today. I even intend to host a mock election for family president complete with campaign poster and commercials as well as a voting booth and ballot. (If I manage to pull this off, I do plan to post the unit study details!)

Now maybe my kids will never care about politics and maybe it’s a pipe dream to think they’ll one day get excited to go vote, but I consider it a great privilege that was fought for and won at great cost. I do hope that they at least respect that knowledge.

For now, all I can do is tune in to the radio (we currently don’t have normal tv thanks to HD conversion and old tvs) and follow the nastiness online.

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