Homeschool Adventure

Curriculum Arrives: Mini Celebration!

Ok, here’s where I’m going to be an annoying first-year homeschooler. I have been waiting and waiting for the curriculum to come in, and when it did, I literally squealed with delight. My husband then called me a dork, but it was still worth it.

Curriculum books are all sorted neatly into the buckets. Supplementary books are scattered everywhere!

You see in my head, I figured that once the curriculum came in, I could really start planning. Planning means I could finally gather a list of supplies I actually NEED versus all the shiny things I simply WANT. Planning means I could put together materials for our unit studies and plan them out according to the months, holidays, etc. Planning means I would feel less anxious.

And I did plan.

Spectrum book and schedule of lessons along with my personal notes on supplies and lesson activity ideas.

I spent hours planning. I was thrilled to see that the packaged curriculum will work perfectly with my hope to do unit studies. There are 3 weeks of working on a skill like skip counting or beginning consonants, then the fourth week is review. So four-week unit studies will work great. I got to work finding a way to tie the standards together with Tyke 1’s interest in spiders, and then tying learning about spiders into lessons from the Bible. Somehow I managed to come up with some things I felt pretty good about.

 Then I got to week 4 of planning. I realized that I didn’t want to go any further. I didn’t want to plan to move my son on from spiders to the animal kingdom at a set time. For all I know, he might want to spend an extra week studying a particular spider we discover.  He might be really fast with the math section since it seems like review from kindergarten, or he might need some extra time remembering. He might not want to study animals right after the spiders. I want to go where he wants to go.

Basically I realized that I don’t want to push him along a preformatted program just to lessen my anxiety. That would make me no better than the school system. Instead, I’ll take the time at the end of week 3 or 4 to re-evaluate where we are in the curriculum, and see what unit study Tyke 1 wants to move on to, if he’s ready to move on at all, and we’ll go from there.

Missouri is said to be one of the most homeschool-friendly states, so I’m hoping that’s true and I don’t have to submit a lesson outline for the whole year or something. I do know that I have to keep lesson plans, attendance and record hours spent in each subject area, as well as meet some specified standards. That seemed overwhelming to me. So instead of diving in to planning the whole year’s work, I’m going to dive in to learning about what I will be required to report, to whom, and  when. That should keep my anxious mind busy for a while.