Home Management Guide

Day Four: The Food Section!

This is one of my favorite sections of the Home Management Guide! Partnered with my brand new Menu Board, this section helps me stay on budget and make sure I don’t forget to pick up necessities at the store. Some people will also include a quick sheet of family favorite recipes and the food pyramid, but I never used them, so I took them out of mine. 

First things first: The Menu BoardThere are many choices available on Pinterest where I got my idea from. Take a look around.

Here’s a picture of mine.

I use the menu board to help me save some money.

Every week I look through the store circulars to see what’s on special, then I build our week’s menu around that. We don’t always eat the meals on the specific day I set it for, and we always leave days for eating up the leftovers. In this way, I don’t over buy and we waste so much less. Especially with fruits and veggies. Those used to go bad frequently around here, but now I only buy enough for recipes and a set amount of snacks! Each recipe card has the meal or side on the front:

and all the ingredients needed on the back:

 This way I don’t have to search through the cookbook to find out what I need for the grocery list, I can add it straight from the cards! 

After I have my meals planned (based on seasonal and store specials), I move on to my Master Grocery List. I printed this directly from www.wantingwhatyouhave.com under the “Print” tab select “Master Grocery List”.

 I credit this list with curing my forgetfulness and preventing me from ever having to double back in the store because I overlooked something in the dairy section. Sorting my list by these sections has fixed that problem for good! The last thing in my food section is the pantry checklist. I also printed this from www.wantingwhatyouhave.com under “Print” and selecting the “Pantry Checklist”, but I really don’t use it anymore. I do take inventory every two months or so, just so I know what to use up and what to stock up on when it goes on sale. 

I encourage you to customize this section as much as you have the others. If your family eats out frequently, maybe keep a list of places you call frequently or common orders. That way there’s no scramble to search through drawers. Set yourself some money-saving goals and watch for coupons and specials. They even sell plastic pocket that fit nicely in 3-ring binders that can hold all those things in one spot.

If you haven’t read Days 1-3, Click here and see what you’ve been missing!

Tomorrow: The Finance Section!

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