Home Management Guide

Building an HMG: Day 3, Finishing Task Lists.

We’re almost done!

After finishing your daily and weekly lists, you can now start to space out those chores that don’t have to be done EVERY week, but still need done.

Things like:
-Clearing the dryer vent
-Washing and Sanitizing Trash Cans
-Sweeping the ceiling for dust and cobwebs
-Vacuuming along baseboards (I do a general vacuum in whatever room I’m scheduled to clean that day, but every other week, I also whip out the little extender arm and get along the walls and furniture as well as in between couch cushions)

Once you have your list, try to map it out similar to the way you did the weekly chores. I.e., keep in mind your busy days; don’t schedule extra monthly chores on days you’ll be cleaning the bathrooms or running to soccer practice, etc.

You have the option of  making this a completely separate list, but it was easier for me to take an unused page from a calendar and write the weekly and monthly tasks in one space, so I wasn’t continually flipping around trying to figure out what I was supposed to accomplish that day.

If you take a look at the pic above, I simply turned the calendar page sideways, and used the days as weeks. I numbered them 1-4, so next week will be the 3rd week of July. On Monday, in addition to a quick straightening of the whole house and washing linens, I will also do the chore listed for Monday of Week 3: Dusting Ceiling Fans.

I told you, my way isn’t nearly as pretty as some others you will see, but it’s efficient and works for me. And that’s the whole point: making it work for you. If pretty is motivating for you, or you are good at the crafty stuff, feel free!

Lastly there are also chores you only need to do 1-4 times a year. Things like flipping and vacuuming mattresses, cleaning the oven, and more. For these, I simply listed the months 1-12 and put in the chores that fit best in that season. For example I do not clean the oven during the summer. http://wantingwhatyouhave.com/2008/12/making-rest-of-your-task-lists.html can help you along the way.

That’s it! Section one is done!. I put all of my lists in protective sleeves but it really isn’t necessary if you don’t plan on marking things out when you go along.

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