Homeschool Adventure

Willpower and Homeschool Supplies

 Today has been another great, inspiring, full day of learning about homeschooling and getting inspired! I took some time to go to the book store today. I wanted to pick up something interesting for me to start learning, but I also browsed the Education section. I’d read all the warnings about not spending a ton of money on every shiny cover that looks interesting or helpful, but OH MY GOODNESS! I was overwhelmed by the choices available so close to home.

There were workbooks by subject. Entire workbooks for the year, shiny new Children’s Encyclopedias! There were books on “What Your First Grader Should Know.” There were amazing science kits and so, so much more.

Thankfully, I had been warned. I didn’t buy a single thing…yet. I’m waiting (not so patiently) to get in the curriculum we chose so I can plan out at least the first semester. Then we’ll grab the supplies we need to make that happen.

It wasn’t easy though. I didn’t know I actually possessed the power to walk away from an enticing book that I could actually “justify” buying. I was really proud of myself…

Then I went to the library and they were having a book sale. I bought 4 books for us to study and a video on baby animals. It only cost $1.60, but still, there goes the willpower.

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