Politics: Where I Stand

For the sake of Full Disclosure, I would like to say that I try my very hardest to be a Constitutionalist. Sometimes I fail. Sometimes I side with Conservatives or I struggle with the Libertarian ideas of how far personal liberties should go. No one is perfect, and as I learn more, mother more, grow more, my ideas change. I do have guiding principles in my life, though: beliefs I’ve held since I could wonder about such things. The Bible and the Constitution are two of those guiding forces in my life.

Being a Constitutionalist makes me kind of controversial for both sides of the party lines. I’m way too “old-fashioned” for the left and much too “socially liberal” for the right. Religious groups tend to think I’m not making enough of a stand and my liberal friends think I’m crazy.

I, however, believe in the idea of a representative republic. I believe it is one of the few governmental systems that can work on a grand scale, and I believe in preserving that idea in its most basic and unfinished form. The fact that the Constitution can be open-ended and not demanding of the time it was written means that, with a very few additions, it can be made applicable to all people across time.

Our system today has taken to making small-scope specific changes and additions to our founding documents. Not only does that dilute the power of the document, but it also narrows the scope of time for which it can apply. At this rate, the Constitution will be dead instead of remaining a living, breathing, document that it was intended to be. It was intended to allow states to move along and cater to the people, culture and the times that arose. It was designed to be a broad-scope ideal to direct us, not a convoluted mess of Congress’ changing policies. It was designed to last.

I think we owe it to our history, to ourselves and to our children to return to that view, and we will all be better for it.

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