Homeschool Adventure

Homeschool: The Adventure Begins

Yesterday, I had the car for about an hour. So I ran a few errands, which included returning a grossly overdue book to the library. While there, I gave into the urge to browse. Well, it isn’t an urge for me so much as a constant state of being, but you get the drift. I found 3 great books to start reading about our grand homeschooling adventure.

I’ve managed to read 260 pages in little more than 24 hours. Needless to say, I find the book and topic enthralling! Three huge decisions have come from this first book.

First: I have decided that our homeschooling will probably be done in unit studies. I think it will lead to Tyke 1 being engaged & keep him from getting too bored. Plus, I’m looking forward to being able to incorporate stories and history into basic grammar and spelling lessons. Now maybe he won’t ask why he has to learn to spell words like ‘lava’ and ‘erupt’. If we are studying volcanoes, it should be exciting, or at least seem valid. Which leads me to…

Second: After much debating, searching, cost comparing, review reading and budgeting, I think we have decided on a curriculum for first grade! It is a very basic outline that will just meet the state and federal requirements. I’m actually looking forward to this. I’m not afraid of record keeping and reporting. Fortunately my associate’s degree in education will come in handy, because I feel confident in reading and interpreting regulations, creating spreadsheets and monitoring progress. Some of the more deluxe programs do all this for you, but I didn’t feel that we needed to pay the premium for things I can do on my own.

We got ours through the Homeschool Supercenter for a GREAT price of only $51.90, but shipping was quite a bit. $12.95!

Also, this basic outline gives me 3 things I was really looking for:
-The freedom to supplement with reading that interests Tyke 1 as well as add in kid versions of classic literature.
-The ability to teach and discuss religious issues or use religious texts in lieu of other reading materials.
-The framework to start off this adventure with a little guidance but nothing so strict that it limits our adjustment or creative desires in the coming year.

Third: This might be  a little controversial, but I also decided that at some point, all of my decisions here can’t be for Tyke 1. For instance, even if he does not want a really structured day, I think he’s just going to have to deal with it. You see, I do not operate well without some type of schedule. I schedule my chores in detail. I make lists. I mark off a daily reminder list EVERY WEEKDAY. I need that or things don’t get done, so I know that with school I will need structure even if it’s a tricky adjustment. (If you’re looking for ways to organize, keep checking in. I will be adding a page called Home Management: The Guide, very soon.)

Tyke 1 seems to do well with structure, so I hope that holds true.

Mostly, I just hope I can keep this excitement up long enough to get me past the nerves!

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